Daily Post: France

Everyday I wake up and listen to “American in Paris” and write poetry, then subsequently “Niggahs in Paris” and work the fuck out.

That’s not actually true, but I’d like it to be. TO DO LIST!

I’m just hanging out right now and having a really great time. I have possibly have made more love to my lady in a two day period than we averaged in a week the last time I saw her. It’s kinda great.

Something absolutely ridiculous. one of the things I made sure to bring to France with me was a bunch of colorful pencils. Something I forgot? Pictures of my family…

Worst brother/son ever. Not really I mean, they’re on my computer but I just didn’t bring any printed ones. So I better take care of this thing.

My brain is scrambled. But I’m super happy to wake up next to the woman I love.


who cares about any of this? I have no idea. So if you have any questions you’d actually like answered. Please ask them.



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