I used to write a lot of poetry. I don’t do it as much anymore. It’s possibly because I’m happier, possibly because I’m busier, and possibly because I’m too lazy to write poetry.

Poetry itself is a strange medium. You can say any number of things in any number of ways… and what exactly counts as poetry is really up to the person reading it. I find poetry in any well crafted bit of language that is intended to be art whether it’s a collage of newspaper clippings, a sonnet, an epic, or two quotes of a politician juxtaposed to show his morals decaying as his assets grow.

I love it.

There are two problems for me however:

The first problem is that the things that drive me to write it are few and far between these days. Not that I don’t find myself outraged at the state of the world or that I don’t love my girlfriend so much that my heart feels the need to express it in verse(because my love of women just gives me that high). I just don’t actually feel driven to say anything about it for the benefit of others.

Which actually leads to the second problem. I simply don’t know where the audience is.

Sure I could go find them, but re-adding poetry to my ever growing list of hobbies as something I care about being good at leads me to wonder if I should actually make a point of trying to publish. I when I do write poetry, I either care so much I want to world to see it, or I give up on caring doubting the world ever will. I just feel I ought to pick a different medium.
I’d love some comments on people’s thoughts about poetry.


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